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The Blood of the Honored, Part 2

Posted on May 29th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Excerpt, Fantasy, short story. No Comments

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed last week’s post.  Here’s part 2 of Blood of the Honored.  Enjoy!


“That’s Posha, Old Bringfok’s niece,” one of the locals who had gathered around said suddenly. “What happened to the poor girl?” the question was asked incredulously, but also with a hint of real anger. These people couldn’t imagine how anyone could harm a child. Pargnok could. He had seen it many times in his years defending Coalition territories and before.

“What happened, Posha?” Pargnok asked the little girl gently. “Who was the nice army man? Was his name Trugmuk? Did he where a uniform, like me?” While calming frightened children was not his greatest talent, the captain did have nieces and nephews of his own. Little Posha looked at him hard, as if thinking, and then shook her head, pointing behind him and drawing his … Read More »

The Blood of the Honored, Part 1

Posted on May 22nd, by Kevin Gubernatis in Excerpt, Fantasy, short story. No Comments

Pargnok stood atop the battlements of the dilapidated and ancient fort looking out over the expanse of trees and grassy hills that was the county Alcoth, the most southern of Coalition districts. He could not see his approaching enemy, but he knew they were there…

Review: Old D&D Games

Posted on May 15th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Gaming, Reviews. No Comments

I got a plethora of bitchin’ retro games from on an AMAZING sale. Most of these were formatted D&D games I used to play when I was much younger. Spoiler alert: They’re still awesome. Let me tell you why…

Personal Update

Posted on May 8th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Behind the Scenes, Deep Thoughts, Writing Craft. No Comments

While trying to keep myself focused on some kind of writing, I have found a myriad amazing ways to distract myself! Let me tell you a little bit about what’s going on around here. There are orcs, superheroes, and the White Wolf, oh my!

Diablo 3 Review – Also some nostalgia

Posted on March 27th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Gaming, Reviews. 2 comments

It’s been awhile since my last review, which is mostly because I haven’t been gaming as much as I usually do — trying to keep up with all the book stuff and get to work on the next book —  but when I got the opportunity to try Diablo 3 I went at it with a fervor.  I’m about as big a Diablo fan as one can get, I think.  I played the first game when it first came out.  My dad had picked it up super cheap at Scratch and Dent Liquidators, which is a store where you can buy new products that have been damaged for whatever reason.  We found it at the store and all that seemed to be wrong was that the box was a bit torn, but the disk was fine and all of the … Read More »

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