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Childhood Influences

Posted on March 20th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Behind the Scenes, Deep Thoughts, Fun, Reviews, Writing Craft. No Comments

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how my writing and I are heavily influenced by my younger years. There are a number of shows, some a bit more obscure, that I know have had an impact on both my life and my writing. I’m going to tell you about a few of them.

Baltimore Vigilante

Posted on March 13th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Characters, short story. No Comments

This is going to be a treat for any of my Baltimore followers.  As the name implies this is a story about a crime fighter based in my home city.  I’d always thought that Harm City needed a damned superhero, a shite-sight more than some other cities that get ‘em.  This week’s post had been going to be about sexism in sci-fi and fantasy fiction, but, instead of whining about why things are bad, I decided to help mitigate some of that badness and give you guys a heroine who takes exactly zero shit from anyone.  She’s tough, she’s funny, she’s……well, I’ll let her introduce herself, I think.

It’s 1:43 in the morning. She crouches low on the fire escape, completely avoiding detection by unwanted eyes, though who would think to look up there at all, let alone for … Read More »

The Lego Movie = Magnificent

Posted on February 27th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Deep Thoughts, Fun, Gaming, Movies. No Comments

Disclaimer:  Some spoilers may lie herein.

My wife and I and a friend of ours went out last week to see the Lego Movie, as did much of the nerdier citizens across the nation.  Like most of these people I was completely blown away by the sheer magnitude of the film.  That sentence didn’t mean ANYTHING.  What I mean to say is that it was really, really good and there was seldom a point in the movie where I was not either laughing hysterically, or crying uncontrollably.

The Lego Movie touched on so many points for me (and, apparently, so many others who saw it) that were powerfully emotional.  From the deep loneliness of Emmet in his desire to find a friend, to the Father’s struggle with coming to terms with the fact that he was, in fact, the bad guy (realizing … Read More »

The Android and the Demon Lord

Posted on February 21st, by Kevin Gubernatis in Automatons, Demons/Spirits, Excerpt, Lore, Magic, short story. 4 comments

This short story begins rather abruptly at the end of our hero’s journey, but also at the beginning… Enjoy.

MWSU Planetarium

Posted on February 13th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Black Holes. No Comments

The first time I’d ever been to a Planetarium was only just last year in the fall.  My wife and I went to MWSU Planetarium here in St. Joseph out at the campus.  I was blown away by some of the visuals shown in just the initial intro.

What was REALLY cool was that the show we went to see that evening was all about Black Holes AND narrated by John DeLancie, which are two things that are fucking awesome, in case you didn’t know.  Not only was it full of stunning and awe inspiring videos, but it was also thoroughly educational.

I know a bit about Black Holes, but I learned more from this presentation.  If you live in the St. Joe area or near to it, you owe it to yourself to check out this scene.

It got me thinking…

Have any … Read More »

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