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A Starlit Sky

Posted on February 6th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Deep Thoughts, Magic, Space. No Comments

There are a great many things that are very different for me since I moved from the hectic confines of Baltimore to the quieter, slower paced calm of St. Joseph and the Midwest.  There are a great many things, too, that I took for granted when I lived in Baltimore… being able to get anywhere without a car, 24 hour stores not named Walmart, Sub Shops, the ocean (no matter how stinky it might be) oh and of course:  Royal Farms fries.  But today I’d like to talk a bit about something that my neighbors here in the Midwest take for granted and something for which I am constantly grateful to be able to experience on a regular basis.

The Night’s Sky.

When living in even a small city, the light pollution, while often beautiful especially during a storm, can make the … Read More »

Hastings Book Signing

Posted on January 30th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Behind the Scenes, Deep Thoughts. 1 Comment

The book signing at our local Hastings bookstore was a phenomenal success. It was such an amazing experience to talk about and listen to others talk about my work. Here’s a peek behind the scenes…

Reviews are in… is yours?

Posted on January 23rd, by Kevin Gubernatis in Behind the Scenes, Excerpt, Writing Craft. No Comments

Have you read and reviewed The White Wolf and The Darkness? Whether you’ve fallen in love with Private King’s personal journey, been rooting for Michaels to work it out, cheered on Asala’s ass-kicking, or found yourself afraid of the Darkness, I’d really love to hear from you!

A few announcements…

Posted on January 14th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Behind the Scenes, Writing Craft. No Comments

The last couple of weeks I’ve been going over a lot of things and discussing plans for the future with my manager/partner/wife Liz.  Since I am going to be going into full-on writing mode again soon, I am going to be limiting my blog posts to just one a week now.  After today I will only be doing posts on Thursdays and the nature of that post will vary from week to week (instead of the sortof themed lore posts on Thursdays and the fun posts on Tuesdays since I began blogging several months ago).  The content will be far more influenced by my readers from now on.

Ask me your questions!

If there are questions you’d like to ask, please ask them!  I will do my best to answer them.  You can either post here in the comments, email me on … Read More »

Being an Author

Posted on January 9th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Deep Thoughts. No Comments

As The White Wolf and The Darkness gets more and more exposure, I am feeling what it is like to actually be an author.  I didn’t think I was going to feel very different about anything until I had made it big and sold a ton of books, and then I thought I’d feel VERY different.  I realize now that it’s actually more like the whole “growing up” or “adult” experience, the changes one feels are subtle and plentiful, and some of them are a huge shock.

I think the first time I noticed this was when we got the proof of my novel from the printer.  I had a copy, the FIRST copy, of MY book in my hands.  I felt as though I should be overwhelmed with emotion, but I wasn’t — and this is really odd, because anyone … Read More »

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