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Swords I Have Loved

Posted on September 3rd, by Kevin Gubernatis in Fantasy, Fun, Gaming, Swords, Uncategorized. No Comments

I love swords.  Really, I love most forms of weapons that might appear in a fantasy setting, but swords hold a particularly special place for me.  I’ve collected them since I was a teen, with my first Duncan MacLeod Katana, which was kindof a cheap piece of crap.  One day while I was practicing with it on the roof of my parent’s garage in my home city of Baltimore (Yes, that likely looked as cool as you are thinking), the blade of that sword flew completely out of its plastic handle, severing several bush limbs and landing in our back neighbor’s courtyard.  The profanity on that day was quite loud, indeed.  Retrieving the blade from my neighbor was an ordeal and required much explanation.  “Why do you have a sword?” was asked more than once.  My answer was always the … Read More »

Game Review, Fusion: Genesis

Posted on August 27th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Fun, Gaming. No Comments

Every once in a while, I will be doing a game review of a game I enjoy. I will likely only be reviewing indie or older games, as big money-making games have plenty of people to review them. I like the idea of reviewing older games, because it will make some of you nostalgic and others curious, and because there are some good older games out there damn it! This week I am reviewing an ace indie game I downloaded from the Xbox Live Arcade for only ten bucks. It’s called Fusion:Genesis by Starfire Studios and it’s one of the coolest space shooters I’ve ever played.

Let’s start with gameplay. This game could not be easier to wrap your head around as far as intuitively knowing what to do. The tutorial in the beginning is engaging and not annoying as tutorials … Read More »

Not-So-Rainy Day Movie

Posted on August 20th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Deep Thoughts, Fun, Movies. No Comments

I’ve been asked recently what my favorite “Rainy Day” movie is. The funny thing is that I don’t really have “Rainy Day” movies, or any other specific activities associated with it being cold and wet outdoors. I’m a rare, strange breed that not only isn’t affected by what a lot of people refer to as Bad Weather, I am bolstered and strengthened by it. For me, there is nothing better than walking in the rain in October, wearing shorts. I admit I’m abnormal, but so are most good things in life.

For me, Bad Weather is when it’s any temperature over 75 degrees and there is not a cloud in the sky. I hate the sun and the heat of summer and always have since I was little. So I don’t have a “Rainy Day” movie. I have an “It’s too … Read More »

Black Holes

Posted on August 13th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Black Holes, Space. No Comments

One of the fascinating aspects of the story of The White Wolf and The Darkness is that the Dark Star space station is orbiting a black hole. The Dark Star is there to observe and research all data coming out of and going into the singularity.

This is an image of a monstrous black hole 100 million times the size of our sun. it is located at the center of galaxy NGC 1097, 50 million light years away. Contrary to popular belief, and their own names, most black holes (or at least the effects of them) are quite visible and are often quite beautiful to look at.

This is an artist’s rendition of a primordial black hole. You might ask what exactly that is. Well, a primordial black hole is … Read More »

My Favorite Villain

Posted on August 6th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Deep Thoughts. 4 comments

I have been asked on occasion who my favorite villain is, and with such a vast menagerie of evil to choose from in both reality and fiction, this makes for a difficult question to answer. I tend to enjoy really evil villains who have few to no redeeming qualities — individuals who you feel no commonality or sameness with. Villains who, in point of fact, express only what we dislike or even outright hate about ourselves and each other. A villain that the audience hates is a villain who is doing his or her job.

This is a difficult task for the villain, though, especially when I am in the audience. I tend to believe that no one is beyond redemption and that anyone can atone for wrongs they’ve done, even if it takes the rest of their lives… or longer. … Read More »

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