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A new Spooky story for the Halloween season!

Posted on October 15th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Deep Thoughts, Demons/Spirits, Paranormal, short story. No Comments

Hey folks, I’ve been on hiatus trying to get some writing done, with varying success.  As promised in my last post, I have a spooky story to ring in the chill  of the October air.  This story takes place in an alternate universe of a setting not my own, but one I love.  It is also dedicated to one of my favorite authors, H.P. Lovecraft, and titled to reference and honor one of my favorite stories of his.  Please enjoy – The Shadow in The Cave.

Mike used the bolt driver to carefully tether another gel-corded line into the cave wall. He’d reached the limit on his current line and wanted to be sure he had enough slack to reach the rocky floor below without having to make a long drop at the end. His caving partner and best friend, Riley, … Read More »

What scares me…

Posted on October 29th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Deep Thoughts, Paranormal, Uncategorized. No Comments

Since it’s Halloween, one of my favorite holidays by the way, I’d like to talk about what frightens me.  Fear is one of those things that, for some people at least, is somewhat difficult to discuss.  It’s kind of a big thing to admit that you’re frightened at all, let alone what might have frightened you.  To some it’s about not appearing weak, for others it’s about not wanting to think about what scares them, for fear of….well, being afraid.  Still others refuse to speak of their fears because they feel dwelling on one’s fear for too long diminishes their experience of life and living it; that it gets in the way of the more enjoyable things in life. For myself, I embrace fear, for it is only in accepting and examining our fears that we overcome them.  The path … Read More »

5 Horror Movies You Should Watch Right Now

Posted on October 22nd, by Kevin Gubernatis in Deep Thoughts, Demons/Spirits, Fantasy, Fun, Movies, Paranormal, Uncategorized. No Comments

Halloween is almost here and I thought I’d give you guys my top five list for scariest movies.  These are movies that scare the shit out of me and leave me feeling apprehensive and nervous for days after I watch them.  Some are classics, some are not as well known, but all are perfect for your scare fest for the season.  I’ll first say that almost all of them are supernatural horrors.  I don’t get scared at slasher movies because I FEAR NO MAN and torture porn just makes me sick to my stomach and makes me worry for the world as they seem to be so very popular.  No, all of the movies on my list are about shit being completely out of the average Joe’s understanding, let alone control.

5.  The Exorcist

I know what you’re thinking.  “The Exorcist?  Wtf?!?  … Read More »

Paranormal Experiences

Posted on October 15th, by Kevin Gubernatis in Deep Thoughts, Magic, Paranormal, Uncategorized. 2 comments

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed The Inspection. Things will be getting back to normal this week with a regular post today and a lore post on Thursday.

Today I’d like to talk about the paranormal.  Specifically paranormal experiences that I’ve had, some that folks I know have had, and some that folks I’ve never even met have had. I grew up in a very active house, as far as the paranormal is concerned.  I have five siblings older than me who grew up in that house before me and most of them have had some kind of experience or another.  As for me, when I was very young, I used to see shadow forms a lot.  Some looked like small animals, some looked like standing humans and some looked like hooded figures.

Once, when I was about six or seven, my … Read More »

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A new Spooky story for the Halloween season!

Hey folks, I’ve been on hiatus trying to get some writing done, with varying success.  As promised in my last post, I have a...

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